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There is hope! If you partner with us, we will work with you and your family to find research-focused solutions based on your child's individual learning style and personality. At DHW, we pride ourselves on conducting both comprehensive psychological and educational evaluations. Our psychologists and psychometrists have tenured experience working within school systems and private practice. We can help answer your referral questions and help you navigate the educational system and understand the process.

DHW is a full-stop educational services provider. In addition to the services listed above, we also provide both private school admissions testing and giftedness testing.

Psychological Testing

Comprehensive psychological testing is offered to assist individual’s with identifying their personal strengths and weaknesses. Psychological testing may also be used to identify or clarify diagnoses for medical treatment planning.

Admissions Testing


DHW provides intellectual/cognitive assessments (e.g., WISC/WPPSI) for students applying to Independent Schools.


DHW provides comprehensive cognitive and educational testing to assist families and schools in identifying individual’s cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses and diagnosing or ruling out reading/Dyslexia, Math, and/or Writing Learning Disabilties.

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