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DHW provides individual and group counseling services for youth ages 9 through young adulthood. At DHW, we believe that our job as clinicians is to help children take steps towards being both happy and healthy. We do this by identifying both our client’s strengths and goals, and creating a plan to help them meet those goals. Additionally, we will help identify any mental health barriers that may get in the way of meeting those goals such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc. We will work with the client to put a plan in action to treat the identified mental health concerns.


Individual Counseling


DHW provides individual and group counseling services for youths age 5 through young adulthood


Group Counseling

Using a collaborative step-by-step counseling approach, DHW clinicians will work with the entire family unit or other support groups to help to implement individualized parenting solutions, and/or other support role strategies, that are aligned with both the family's short-term needs and long term goals.

ADHD Clinical Coaching

Using a researched strength based model, DHW provides individual and group counseling/coaching services to adolescents. Coaching is aimed to help teach adolescents goal setting/monitoring skills and to improve executive functioning skills.

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