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The intake session is used to determine the necessity for psychological testing and/or counseling services. It is recommended that both the parent(s) and the child attend this session. During this session, we will discuss the presenting concerns, medical and educational history, and social/emotional behavioral functioning. If psychological testing is determined to be necessary, we will also discuss the types of assessments that will be needed. We recommend that you bring all relevant medical/educational records to this meeting (e.g., previous evaluations, school records, etc.).
It is recommended that the night before testing you and/or your child get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. It also recommended that you bring a small snack and drink to the testing session. We will provide breaks as needed to ensure that you and/or your child are as comfortable as possible throughout the session.
Psychological and educational evaluations are typically completed over 1-2 appointments. This Testing can last between 2-5 hours (i.e., depending upon the referral questions) and the individual’s speed of completion. If the client becomes cognitively fatigued during the testing session, a second date for testing may be required. At this time, we will also provide parents/guardians with both the parent and teacher behavior rating scales to complete on behalf of their child. It is important that we receive these rating scales back as soon as possible. Parents are welcome to stay in the waiting room during the testing session, but they are not required to stay for the entire evaluation. We will notify the parents of the approximate time that the testing will be completed. If this time changes, we will notify the parents promptly.
We ask that you schedule a testing feedback session 2-3 weeks after the date of testing. Remember, it is important that we have received the parent/teacher rating scales before the testing feedback session. At this session, we will review the testing results and individualized recommendations will be provided based on those results. Based on your child’s age, we will inform the parent(s) if their attendance at the meeting will needed.
If all forms and rating scales have been promptly returned, the client should expect to receive a written report approximately 30 Days from feedback
Individuals who only need IQ testing (e.g., WISC/WPPSI) should expect that the intake and testing will be completed in 1 session. The testing will typically last between 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the test. A written report will be mailed out in 2-3 weeks from the testing appointment. Parents are welcomed to schedule a separate meeting (i.e., testing feedback session) to review the testing results.
At this time, DHW accepts Anthem Blue Cross, Anthem Health Keepers, and Out of Network Benefits. However, it is important that you check with your insurance provider to ensure that psychological testing is covered with your plan or to see if you have “Out of Network Benefits.” Also, please note that neither educational testing or private school admission testing are covered by medical insurance plans. We currently accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Flexible spending accounts may also be able to be used towards our services.